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Bacon Mushrooms Poppers

My family got together for the eclipse in Idaho. It was amazing and to see “totality” was everything they said it would be and more.

My cousins introduced me to these Bacon Mushrooms Poppers. They were awesome; there was a lot of Bacon consumed last weekend!

Bacon Mushrooms Poppers

1 pound thin sliced bacon
1 tub (8oz) whipped cream cheese (chive flavor would be awesome)
1 pound of small bite sized fresh mushrooms
1 pound sliced cheese, (We used Provolone and Munster Cheese)

Clean all the mushrooms by wiping them clean with a paper towel. Remove the stems by twisting them and then discard the stem. Place about 2 teaspoon of the cream cheese in the hole left from the stem.

Place bacon package into the microwave for 1 minute, this is to softened the bacon. Wrap 1 of a piece of bacon tightly around a mushroom and secure the bacon with a tooth pick or two if needed.

Place mushroom onto a roasting stick (think roasted marshmallow stick) and cook it over the coals of your campfire until the bacon is crisp, rotating occasionally to make sure all the bacon is cooking evenly. This will take about 15 minutes.

Remove from the coals, REMOVE THE TOOTHPICKS, and immediately wrap the hot mushroom and bacon with a slice of the cheese, pull of the stick and enjoy. The cheese will just be starting to melt, so the cheese helps cool down the hot bacon and mushrooms.

You can make up your own combination. How about; Shrimp & Bacon, Scallop & Bacon, Large Tater-Tots wrapped in Bacon then when cooked dipped into ranch dressing, Bratwurst and Bacon cooked and when done roll into brown sugar and brown the sugar for a few minutes, Chunks of Halibut wrapped in bacon and then dipped into tartar sauce when done, and Bacon wrapped Corn on the Cob.

BACON – BACON – BACON!!! Hope you have fun with this recipe, if you don’t have a camp fire cook them in your barbeque and put them on skewers, or broil them in your oven.

Summer is almost over! We must do some more campfires!