Dairy Keen - Home of the Train

Specials of the Day

SpecialsDuring the week, we shake our menu up a little and include a daily special sandwich, burger, or other items. Just like you, we get tired of the same old lunch or dinner so why not try something new.



Our Weekly Specials

    • Monday: Navajo Tacos
    • Tuesday: Philly Cheese Steaks and Triple Cheese Burgers
    • Wednesday: Turkey Taco Wraps
    • Thursday: Mushroom Burgers
    • Friday: Fish Tacos

We also like to try new things from time to time. Seasons and Holidays bring Special Seasonal Shakes. During the month of January, we take an adventure to the islands during Hawaiian Days. February has Fun Food February which includes “Fried Twinkies” and BBQ Burgers.

Today’s Specials

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