Our Family serving yours since 1946


We are proud to offer service  in our Dining Room or through our Drive Up Window.

Our Menu, through the years, has expanded beyond traditional burgers, fries, and shakes to including non-traditional seasonal items, Thanksgiving/Christmas shakes and our home-made soups made fresh daily throughout the winter months.


Traditional Hamburgers, Fries, Shakes, Home-made soups and more!

Gluten-free options

Healthy bites for every family

We I understand the frustrations of trying to eat out Gluten Free. So we are happy and proud to offer you our Gluten Free Menu. It is one of our number one priorities to avoid cross-contamination between orders. When you order request gluten free service and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

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Best of State

2008-2021 Awards

  1. Best Shakes

  2. Best Soup

  3. Best Fast Food Resturant

  4. Best Speciality Menu


Great burgers, fries and marvelous shakes just about any flavor you can imagine. Friendly servers, and happy place the kids LOVE!!

Great place to get a shake that is literally over the top in height and in flavor. Be sure to get the Train burger and the Onion Rings!

Fun atmosphere

Trains run on tracks in the ceiling. Model trains inside of Hogwarts. Little train with tables in the cars for kids to eat at outdoors!

Delicious can't miss

We ordered a grilled chicken sandwich without the sauce. Delicious. French fries had a nice crunch with a soft inside.

Mix and match fun

The food is good, the service is good and they are flexible in their offerings. You can mix and match drinks, sides and all with a smile.