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Gluten Free

menu-stub“I have been diagnosed with Celiac. I understand the frustrations of trying to eat out Gluten Free. So I am happy and proud to offer you our Gluten Free Menu.

“We have tried to check and double check the ingredients to make sure that we are serving Gluten Free ingredients If you find that you have any reaction to anything listed here please let us know so that we can check and see if there is a problem for you and others. We cannot guarantee that you will not have a reaction. Please ask for fries to be made in the Gluten Free fryer. The Ranch is Hidden Valley and does contain MSG.

“Bananas, Raspberry and Strawberry are real fruit. The toppings list the ingredients as Modified Food Starch. The manufactures have assured me that it is Modified Corn Starch. Candy bar stir-ins are all brand name products.  Please order them Gluten Free so that we are sure to avoid cross contamination.

Please give us suggestions. I would love to hear from you and your family. We are all in this weird club of Celiac together and together we can now eat at the Dairy Keen.”

-Jan Mawhinney Olpin

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