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Grandma Franson’s Fluffy Jell-O Salad

I found a file in my computer of “old fashioned” recipes. Oh, how I love the memories a recipe can bring back.

1 -6 ounce package Orange Jell-O,

12 Ounces Cool Whip, thawed

16 ounces mandarin oranges, undrained

1 Cup cottage cheese

1 Cup Miniature marshmallows

Sprinkle Jell-O over cool whip, add juice from oranges. Fold and stir until dissolved. Fold in oranges, cottage cheese and marshmallows. Chill until thickened and ready to serve.

You can use any flavor of Jell-O. You could also add ½ pineapple and ½ mandarin oranges. You can also leave out the cottage cheese or leave out the marshmallows.


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