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  • Megan Bliss

May the 4th Recipes

Saturday is May 4th, so “Star War’s May the Fourth Be with You Party” is in the works. We will

be watching Star Wars movies, and we keep it simple so that kids will eat the things. We put signs

are all the bowls, so people get the puns!

Yoda Soda – Sprite with Green Food coloring and Green Grapes floating in it.

Blue Bantha Milk – The Recipes online are way too fancy, and kids won’t drink coconut milk and

Blue Power Aid. So, we are keeping it simple.

2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream (About)

1 ½ Cups Milk

Blue Food Coloring

Put into Blender and process until smooth.

Drink immediately.

Leah’s Cinnamon Buns - We are using canned cinnamon rolls.

BB Eggs - We are making Deviled Eggs

Edible Ewoks – Gummie Bears or Teddy Grams

Darth Vader Taters - Tater Tots

Padawan Popcorn Just Popcorn for the movie

Light Sabers - Dip the tip of Pretzel Stick into melted Red or Blue Candy melts and then roll in Same color of candy sprinkles.

Thermal Detonators are Cheeseballs in a bowl.

Death Star Pizza is just Cheese Pizza when you take a slice of cheese and cut in to a circle. Put in

one edge of the pizza before cooking.

Chewbacca Cookies or cupcakes. We are using chocolate frosting and a frosting tip you normally

use for “grass” Then add some eyes and kids will love them.

There are so many more ideas off the internet. You can get as crazy and creative as you want.

“May the Fourth Be With You!” Jan Dairy Keen


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