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Homemade Turkey TV Dinner

Thanksgiving is going to be weird this year. My husband and I will be eating alone. No worries I have a 10-pound boneless turkey to cook. I am going to have a lot of leftovers. Never fear, I will be making my own “TV” dinners. I am using the salad containers from the Dairy Keen. Let me know if you would like to buy some. They are microwaveable and they will stack in the freezer. Or use a heavy waxed paper plate and then a gallon zip lock bag. Or it is even better if you have a “sealer” to make it less likely to have freezer burn.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and hope you are enjoying it wherever you are and with whomever you can be with. We are Making Memories!

Homemade Turkey TV Dinner

(approximate measurements)

4 ounces Leftover Turkey

½ Cup left over stuffing

½ Cup left over mashed potatoes

½ cup favorite leftover vegetables; corn, green beans, carrots

½ Cup left over gravy

**Cranberry Sauce

Put each ingredient onto the plate or container. Heat the gravy a bit so it will pour over the potatoes and turkey. Seal and then label contents and date made, AND INSTRUCTIONS on how to heat. I do this so that the husband can figure out how to make them. Freeze. Best use within 6 months.

To cook from frozen, make a cut in the plastic bag or lift the lid a bit. Microwave for 4 minutes on 40% power. Let sit for 2 minutes and then microwave for 2 minutes on high. Let sit for another 2 minutes for the heat to even out. Microwave ovens power does vary so watch carefully. Test and make sure it is hot enough, should be 165 degrees. That will be too hot to eat, but it needs to be hot for food safety.

*You could add the sweet potatoes too.

**I also like to put a 1-ounce container of cranberry sauce into the package. I take it out before microwaving. We have containers for sale at the Dairy Keen for that too.

*I make all my stuffing and gravy Gluten Free so this will be even more awesome for me to have something to eat on those crazy days when I don’t want to cook.


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